KL I ACTIVE HEALTHCARE is a research-based bio-pharmaceutical company with own products and distribution capabilities in Southeast Asia. Incorporated in 2014 and part of the German KL I GROUP we specialise in the research, development, commercialisation and distribution of medicinal products, devices and ingredients with a strong focus on cardio-vascular disease, diabetes and related skin health issues. KL I ACTIVE HEALTHCARE has quickly risen to a major division within the German KL I GROUP that stands for over 80 years of tradition to deliver best quality Made in Germany

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Long before pure chemicals were manufactured in sophisticated laboratories, our forefathers used plants and plant extracts effectively for medicine. Today, there are over thousand active plant based ingredients for use as registered  medicines worldwide and many more remain to be discovered.

We research and develop natural medicines and cosmeceutical skin solutions with the aim to ensure a Healthier Life through a significantly reduced risk of chemical side effects and an improved patient treatment outcome.

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Southeast Asia offers major business opportunities for pharmaceutical and chemical companies, however, market entry remains often an issue with an array of challenges, from inadequate market data and lacking access to sales channels to complex regulatory systems and very different business cultures.

We combine over 23 years of local know-how with a German approach to enable pharmaceutical- and chemical companies entering Southeast Asian markets more effectively - from Regulatory Affairs to Import and Warehousing to Distribution, Promotion and Customer Payment Management.

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Having great own products and a good access strategy into various sales channels in Southeast Asia will really help only to get the "foot into the door". The key to a successful, long-term profitable business remains a skilled workforce supported by most effective organisational processes.

We consult our clients, analyse and improve existing organisational processes and train people's skills in the areas of selling, marketing, supply chain, regulatory affairs and how to effectively launch new product successfully. 

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The Group

Our beginnings date back as much as 85 years. We began as a classic transport company in Germany and developed ourselves over the past years to globally active group of companies with a focus on the following sectors: Industrial assembly and maintenance, logistic solutions including warehousing, as well as healthcare and cosmetics including services for the healthcare-sector.  Over the past years, our team has grown immensely to meet the growing demand for our services and products. We employ only the best engineers, technicians and specialists to ensure that each project and each product is guaranteed the expertise and quality it deserves. Over the years we have also developed a strong network of partners and connections with other professionals in the field so there are no restrictions on what we can provide in the fields of Industrial Relocations, Logistics and Healthcare. Click on the logo to learn more...